Vermont State Champions!



Coach: Dave Polen

Team History

First Name Last Name
Floyd Amidon
Tad Bartholdi
Mike Bayloy
Russell Benjamin
Dan Boulger
Joe Browe
Kevin Brown
Zane Burke
Chris Campbell
David Cornell
Franklin Dean-Farrar
Wes Dewey
Ben Dickie
Chris Dickinson
Dave Duncan
Brad Frazier
Chad Gordon
Gary Gordon
Jon Grimsley
James Gulley
Jason Gulley
Rich Joly
Ryan Lacasse
Kyle Lasher
Jake Longtin
Ken Mailhot
Mike Onorato
Jason Parks
Paul Redding
Ken Schaefer
Josh Stemp
Mike Stratton
Matt Stratton
Jeff Tetreault
Jason Thomayer
Andy Todd
Hank Van Orman
Zac Watson
Mgr. Heather Cameron
Mgr. Kelly Clements
Asst. Tom Otero
Asst. Butch Hayes
Asst. Ken Laumann
Asst. George Pratt
Head Coach Dave Polen
Team History

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